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Aniss Cherkaoui is an M&A Advisor with Transworld Business Advisors, managing the sale and purchase of privately held businesses in the following Business Categories :

Main Street Businesses
Lower Mid-Market Companies
Middle Market Companies
Upper Mid-Market Companies

Aniss possesses broad experience across multiple industries, strategic contacts both nationally and internationally. Whatever your industry, you can be confident that he's skilled at negotiating complex transactions, as well as working with buyers and sellers, accountants, and attorneys to move transactions towards a successful closing with attractive prices and terms.
Prior to joining Transworld Business Advisors in 2014, Aniss was consistently the Top Producer at the Amerivest Business brokers for nine years. He also spent 17 years working with Fortune 500 companies in the funeral home and cemetery business, within both sales and operational managerial posts. Aniss also has first-hand entrepreneurial experience with owning and operating several companies.


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Industries Served


Aniss Cherkaoui
Helps business with listings, marketing, financing, and more!

I have worked for a wide range of clients covering many sectors, and it means no two projects have been the same. It also means I have clocked up a solid track record of completing successful transactions that have delivered outstanding value for business owners.


Field Services

Home Healthcare, Vending, Landscapers, HVAC, Solar, Plumbing, Fire Protection Services, Drilling & Water Pump Services, Utilities, Machine Installation & Maintenance, Environmental Rltd, Equipment S&S, Service Delivery, Moving Company, Roofing.



Software, Hardware, Cloud services, Technology Consulting, Marketing /Ad Tech, Data / Analytics, Internet, E Commerce, Robotic Technology Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, Data Provider, Data Platforms.


Diversified Industrials

Manufacturing& Distribution, Engineering Materials, Automotive, Aviation, Materials Processing, Plastics & Packaging, Automotive, Asset Heavy Logistics, Clean Energy.


Health & Wellness

Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Healthcare Delivery Systems, Managed Care, MRI Center, Physician Practices, Health Insurance, Fitness, Behavioral Health, Weight Management, Services Related to Aging and Senior Health.



General Contractors, Building Materials, Property Management, Trades, Architecture, window & glass, Engineering, Construction and Related Training Services, Roofing Flooring.



Clothing, Consumer Durables, Food & Beverage, ,Auto, Personal Care, Restaurants & Retail, vitamin Retail, Furniture Retail, Grocery Retail.


Business Services

Accounting, Applicant Screening, Court Recorder, Data Management, Document Shredding, Equipment Testing, Consulting, Office Services, Logistics, Asset Light Logistic Services, Equipment Rental, Process Server, Marketing/Advertising Services, Timekeeping/Payroll, Engineering/Architectural Services, Outsourcing, Cleaning, Educational/School


"I'm compelled to write this letter of acknowledgment and appreciation to you as a result of a recent business transaction with your company and represented by Mr. Aniss Cherkaoui."

Ramon and Brent

"BTW I enjoyed working with you and truly appreciated your guidance and help throughout the process. You are always very professional and very accomplished. What I appreciated the most was your candid assessment and description of the businesses we reviewed."



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In today’s economy, there are more people looking to buy and sell businesses than ever before. When a company owner needs to sell their business, they can’t just stick a for sale sign in the window. They need the assistance of a business broker to locate and vet potential buyers. On the other side, buyers rely on the broker to help facilitate the process of evaluating potential businesses and franchises for sale. We have the solution for both scenarios.

For over forty years. Transworld has specialized in the sale of businesses, mergers and acquisitions and franchises. Today Transworld Business Advisors is a global network of brokers offering a turnkey solution for those that want to build a solid business and future for themselves while maintaining a balanced quality of life.




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