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The calculation result is prepared in the effort to provide the Seller with a ballpark value of the business opportunity. It doesn't factor in tangible and intangible assets, financing, Relationships with customers, Skills and licenses, Location, size, competition, growth rates, industry trends, quality of books, ease of transfer, control issues, time you have to sell, terms of the sale, leverage, which can significantly impact a business's actual value. Each financial situation is different, and the calculation provided is intended to be general.

Annual SDE (Max $5m) :

SDE (Seller's discretionary Earnings) The cash flow available to the Owner after deducting the cost of sales and necessary operating expenses from gross sales and before deducting for interest and taxes. It is a combined estimate of business net income, compensation to the owner, fringe benefits, interest and depreciation expense.

Revenue growth rate : 0 %

Revenue Growth Percentage = (Most recent time period revenue – prior time period revenue) / prior time period revenue * 100

SDE Margin (as % of revenue) : 0 %

SDE margin Percentage= SDE/Revenue*100

Average annual CapEx : 0 %

Average annual capital expenditures =(Average funds used by a company to acquire, upgrade, and maintain physical assets such as property, plants, buildings, technology, or equipment each year/Revenue*100)

Revenue of top customer : 0 %

Revenue of top customer/Revenue*100

Revenue of top 5 customers : 0 %

Revenue of top 5 customers/Revenue*100

Management Quality : Average

This is not a formal business valuation nor a formal market price opinion. Transworld Business Advisors has not reviewed these statements, nor makes any representations that said business is worth any determined amount. Transworld Business Advisors has not independently reviewed or verified any of these statements.. Each financial situation is different, and the calculation provided is intended to be general.

* Please note that inputted data points will be shared with aniss Cherkaoui P.A All information will be kept confidential.

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